Friday, February 24, 2012

New Findings 1880 Census Johnson

It's been quite a while - I finally sat down and did some research - I was a bit frustrated with one site that will show you a little info - but wants to charge you for more, but then found this site that allows you to search using different criteria and it's free. 
I've been pondering how to put the info I came up with on here - I'm going to list what I found by Census dates starting with 1880!

Hugh Johnson 47 yrs old
Res:  Chippewa, Mecosta, Michigan
Birth 1833 Canada
Parents place of birth: Scotland
Occupation: Farmer
Spouse: Margaret 36
Born in Canada
Occupation: Keeping house
Parents birthplace: Canada

Amelia L. born 1862   18yrs old  born: Canada
Alexander G.    1866   14                     Canada
Maggie L          1879     1                     Michigan

Also in the household
John McLachlin   21, born 1859 Canada
Parents Birthplace:  Scotland
Occupation:  Farmer

Also found Hugh Johnson died July 3 1896
Parents listed as:  Alexandria (?) Johnson & Mary Johnson

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