Saturday, March 24, 2012

Letters Home

We interrupt the regularly scheduled program to bring to you some very special features: Letters Home.

I'm starting these in sort of an odd place,  Sept 1944, shortly before my father went overseas.  He enlisted in the Army in June 1942, was stationed at Camp. Carson with Btry "B" 914 F.A.Bn.until March 1943.  Then he was off to Btry "B" 872 F.A.Bn at Camp Blanding, Fla.  Aug 1943 Btry "B" 872nd F.A.Bn. transferred to Camp Joseph T. Robinson, Ark.   May 1944, the battalion was off to Camp Rucker, Ala.

Aug 1994 he was transferred to Co. D 1st Bn. 1st Regtr. Ft Meade, MD.  In a letter to his mother, he tells her that he will probably be shipping out before too much longer, but to not worry as he is a Battery Clerk again, and probably won't see much action.   One paragraph is very interesting:
" This is a pretty nice post and it has a lot of accomodations that most of the other posts I have been on don't have.  About two blocks from here there is an outdoor patio where they sell beer and girls come out from Wash., Baltimore or Annapolis about every night so we have quite a lot of fun right here on the Post.  They also have free movies about every night." He also mentions that he will probably be transferred to a different unit, as this one is infantry and he was artillery. 
As far as I can figure out, he probably met my mom while stationed at Ft. Meade.  One also has to consider what year it was, and the other places he had been.  He was also from a very small town in Co.  

Which brings us to Sept. 1944 Hq. Btry., 100th Div. Arty. Ft. Bragg, NC
(click on the letter to view it larger - be sure to look at the rest of this before doing so, as the notes don't get included in the pictures!)

The 100th Artillery Div shipped out Oct 1944, and the 1st V-mail letters to my mom.
On the boat to somewhere!
From somewhere in France.

My Aunt Laura was very lovely in her white satin wedding dress, she was a very lovely person. 
I will be posting these inbetween info on the Johnson, Hasenkamp family.  I have other WWII items that will also be posted at some point, off and on.
She did send him a picture.

Wishing you a fabulous day. 

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